OXIGUARD Acid Cleaning Chemical: Scale, Rust and Corrosion Removal from Guardian Chemicals

OXIGUARD Acid Cleaning Chemical: Removal of Scale and Corrosion Deposits

OXIGUARD is a concentrated low pH cleaner specially formulated for the removal of light scale and corrosion deposits including rust stains from metal, tiled or concrete surfaces. Specially formulated with the safety of the end user in mind, it features a unique pH sensitive dye that changes from red to yellow when the product has been neutralized. This allows the user to know when the product is no longer active and suitable for disposal. OXIGUARD features a low fume level allowing the product to be easily used in a wide variety of workplace environments.


OXIGUARD can be used to remove some of the toughest inorganic scales including rust, water scale and concrete that has already set!



  • User friendly
  • Versatile, fast acting and effective. Product starts to work instantly upon application
  • Low fuming for enhanced user safety and use
  • Unique built in pH sensitive dye to let the user know when the product has been neutralized (red in acid, yellow when neutral)
  • Built in corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion of most metal surfaces