Trisol Degreaser | Find an Alkaline Water Based Degreaser for General Cleaning Applications at Guardian Chemicals

Trisol: Phosphate Free Water Based Degreaser

Looking for a non-phosphate cleaner that actually works and can be used in both hard and softened water? You’ve found it!


TRISOL is a highly concentrated, alkaline water based degreaser. It is highly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of general cleaning applications. Although phosphate free, TRISOL has been formulated with built in water conditioning agents providing exceptional performance in both hard and softened water.


Built tough, TRISOL consistently demonstrates the ability to quickly and effectively clean some of the most difficult deposits including carbon, oil, grease, bugs and road film. This truly is an all-purpose product.



  • Effective phosphate free formulation suitable for hard or softened water.
  • Safe for use on painted and aluminum surfaces when used as directed.
  • Fast and effective cleaning performance that exceeds the performance of many phosphate containing formulations.
  • High foaming properties allow for reduced product usage and enhanced cleaning.
  • Concentrated for cost effective dilutions.
  • Does not contain toxic Butyl.
  • Versatile product suitable for a wide variety of applications and deposits.