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Setting the standard for quality in all the industries we serve is our mission. We combine ethical innovation in our products with industry leading expertise and technical service to create long term, lasting supplier partnerships with our clients.

Industrial Cleaners & Specialty Chemicals

From heavy to light industry, transit to fleet, to oilfield service related chemical cleaning contractors, Guardian Chemicals Inc. can confidently meet the needs of your industry with our lineup of industrial specialty chemicals. We excel at providing scientific solutions to meet your specific requirements, while ensuring the utmost in product safety and performance. As one of Canada’s leading specialty chemical companies, we are proud of our reputation as the best in heavy industrial and surfactant cleaning technology. The quality and performance of our industrial cleaning chemicals has made us the standard by which all others are measured.

Guardian Chemicals Inc. offers a complete program for hot tanks, typhoon tank washers and specialty parts washers! We manufacture hot tank chemicals for the removal of paint, rust, oil and carbon. Our typhoon wash products include ultra-low foaming industrial specialty chemicals designed for safety on soft metals, without sacrificing performance. Specialty parts washer industrial cleaning chemicals include organic and high-flash solvents, as well as galvanized metal corrosion inhibitors.

The way we see it, our commitment to you for cleaners, degreasers and washbay industrial specialty chemicals involves more than manufacturing, supplying and site servicing environmentally responsible products at competitive prices. We expect our speciality chemicals to consistently exceed expectations against a variety of deposits and under different site conditions. We will put our expertise up against anyone in this industry and will unconditionally guarantee our products. Ask us about arranging a performance evaluation or site demonstration today!

Guardian Chemicals Inc. offers a variety of proprietary, organic industrial cleaning and specialty chemicals for road maintenance requirements.

Industrial washbays are Guardian Chemicals core business. We consistently outperform other cleaning chemicals manufacturers and specialty chemical companies by offering unsurpassed products and services. Our experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained staff can deliver the best products and equipment for any size of commercial or industrial washbay. From tank trucks and heavy haulers to specialized mobile oilfield equipment, rail and LRT Transit, trust Guardian Chemicals Inc. for your specialty chemical requirements.

Guardian Chemicals Inc. manufacturers a vast selection of oilfield drilling and service specialty chemicals for service rigs, coil tubing, cementing, fracturing heavy equipment cleaners and rig boilers. We also provide a selection of industrial cleaning chemicals for steam cleaning and oilfield tank cleaning.

If you're looking to remove smoke, exhaust and welding residuals from walls, treat portable toilets and control odor or treat municipal wastewater systems, Guardian Chemicals offers an extensive lineup of industrial specialty chemicals for general maintenance requirements.