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NOFOME 3X-925 - Freeze Protected Antifoam/Defoamer

NOFOME 3X-925 has been specially developed for applications where a freeze protected product is required such as the Oil and Gas industry. It is a highly effective antifoam/defoamer designed to control foam over a wide range of pH, conductivity and temperature.


NOFOME 3X-925 is specially formulated using a renewable natural oil as a part of its base. NOFOME 3X-925 is formulated for fast and effective foam knockdown and extended foam control periods.



  • Freeze protected to -35°C
  • Effective foam kill at temperatures ranging from -35°C to >40°C
  • Easily dispersed in water
  • Excellent performance in high brine solutions and hard or soft water
  • Effective over a wide pH range