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Industries Served

Setting the standard for quality in all the industries we serve is our mission. We combine ethical innovation in our products with industry leading expertise and technical service to create long term, lasting supplier partnerships with our clients.

Forestry Process Chemicals and Defoamers

Guardian Chemicals manufactures, formulates and designs a number of process chemistries and defoamers specifically for the wood products industry. A number of our chemicals have been made to fit site specific customer requirements. We achieve this by understanding no two systems are the same, partnering with our clients, and providing research and development to ultimately provide custom blends for their unique process needs.



Foam reduces processing speed and capacity. It limits the cleaning and effectiveness of additive chemistries in process fluids, and can lead to major environmental concerns and equipment upsets and malfunctions.

Foam created by wood products processes, can be difficult to break down due to stabilization of the surface elasticity and surface viscosity of its film. Effective defoamers require low surface and interfacial tensions enabling them to flow easily over the film. They seek out openings between the foam-stabilizing surfactants at the liquid-air interface and occupy them, causing the foam wall to thin and collapse.

Guardian provides a large variety of process defoaming products and has in-house and in-field testing technologies available to ensure accurate chemical functions and application rates.

  • defoamers for non-aqueous and aqueous systems
  • anti-foam technologies for specific applications
  • emulsion and stability tested, ISO certified quality controlled
  • chemical feed, application equipment and assistance
  • lowest cost use is always our goal

Process Chemicals

Many processes in the wood products manufacturing industries we serve require more than simple commodity chemistries to solve complex problems. Guardian works with our clients to solve issues and improve performance in the following areas:

  • bio fouling, deposit agglomeration prevention within systems
  • centrifuge and solids removal technology
  • coagulants, polymers and flocculants
  • scale, corrosion, and bacterial control
  • boosters and enhancement technologies