PONDGUARD 7140 - Scale Inhibitor, Dispersant & pH Control

The water in log conditioning ponds is typically acidic and prone to scaling due to the dissolved species released from the wood.  As a result, this water has a high scaling tendency and higher corrosion potential resulting in increased maintenance costs due to loss of heat transfer efficiency, equipment cleaning, downtime and replacement.

PONDGUARD 7140 is a versatile liquid product featuring a synergistic combination of scale inhibitors, dispersants and alkalinity boosters for pH control.  This combination effectively controls the conditioning pond water pH, reducing its corrosive potential and extending the lifespan of the pond forwarding chains, waste conveyors and other process equipment.  In addition, the scale inhibitor and dispersant serve to prevent scale and solids buildup on system surfaces preserving heat transfer efficiency thereby reducing overall energy consumption. 


  • Liquid form makes it easy to use, handle and apply.
  • Highly concentrated for economical cost-effective dilutions.
  • Fast and effective alkalinity and pH control.  Use reduces the corrosion potential of the water by neutralizing the naturally occurring acidic species that leach into the water during conditioning.
  • Scale Inhibitor and Dispersant prevent buildup of solids on process equipment surfaces, maintaining heat transfer efficiency and reducing the need for cleaning.
  • Reduction of solids buildup, scale and corrosion potential extends the lifespan of the pond forwarding chains, waste conveyors and other process equipment.
  • Easily tested with pH strips, pH indicator solutions or pH test probes.