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SHOWME - Low Foam Industrial Cleaner

SHOWME clean without the fluff!

Sometimes all those suds just get in the way—making surfaces more difficult to rinse, floors slippery and presenting foam problems in recycle systems.

SHOWME is a concentrated low foaming cleaner specially formulated with a unique combination of low foaming surfactants for maximum cleaning power without the foam.  This exceptional cleaner is capable of cleaning all vehicle surfaces and soils, including tough to remove road film and windshield “eyebrow” film.  

SHOWME is well-suited to a variety of application systems including, touchless, automatic brush or rollover style washes, pressure and wand washes.  The low foaming tendency makes it suitable for use in recycle systems and other applications where foam can be detrimental to the cleaning process.


  • Extremely low foaming.  Suitable for use in recycle systems and other applications where foam poses a nuisance and is detrimental to the cleaning process.
  • Unlike conventional low foaming products, does not require high temperatures to activate its low foaming capabilities.
  • Fast and effective cleaning performance.
  • Suitable for use in hard or soft water.
  • Low odour minimizes EHS issues due to water mist associated with product application.
  • Extremely versatile.  One product can be used in many applications leading to reduced costs, inventory hassles and worker safety issues.