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NUTECH TRI-FOAM Phosphate-Free Colored Foam Cleaners

Not only do customers expect a clean car, but they want to be entertained in the process! Add the WOW FACTOR to your carwash with our NUTECH TRI-FOAM coloured foam products. Available in three vibrant colours; ruby red (NUTECH 310R), electric blue (NUTECH 320B) and canary yellow (NUTECH 340Y).


Designed for use in soft water, NUTECH TRI-FOAMS are great for use in touchless systems, or as an additive in other car wash products where coloured foam is desired, NUTECH TRI-FOAM products deliver thick, rich and vibrant coloured foams.



  • High foaming with rich and vibrant colours (high show)
  • Safe for use on all vehicles when used as directed
  • Suitable for use in all commercial car wash systems
  • Economical dilutions
  • For use in soft water systems
  • Phosphate free