NUTECH ECOMAX - Phosphate-Free, Concentrated, High-Foaming Detergent for Soft Water Systems; Suitable for All Commercial Car Wash Facilities - Guardian Chemicals

NUTECH ECOMAX - High Foaming Commercial Car Wash Detergent

Discerning car owners often choose to wash their vehicles in touchless car wash tunnels to avoid potential damage that can be done using brush and soft cloth washes. Touchless washes have the challenge of effectively cleaning the vehicle using only detergent and a high pressure water spray. A high quality detergent is needed to meet the customer’s high expectations while reducing or eliminating the need for costly re-washes.


NUTECH ECOMAX exceeds these high expectations, effectively cleaning all vehicle surfaces and soils, including tough to remove road film and windshield “eyebrow” film. While doing this, NUTECH ECOMAX wraps the vehicle in a thick lather of luxurious foam putting on a SHOW for the customer!


NUTECH ECOMAX is specially formulated for touchless and wand wash operations in commercial car washes. It is also effective as a pre-spray when used at lower dilutions. Its combination of high foaming surfactants works synergistically with inorganic dispersants, hardness conditioners and corrosion inhibitors to effectively remove and suspend soil and prevent redeposition.


NUTECH ECOMAX. Economical, effective and efficient.



  • High foaming (high show)
  • Safe for use on all vehicles when used as directed
  • Extremely effective on typical soils , stubborn road films and windshield “eyebrow” film
  • Suitable for use in all commercial car wash systems. Excellent detergency and economical dilutions make it a stand out for touchless washing
  • Concentrated for economical use. Liquid formulation is easy to dilute and control, no pre-mix required
  • For use in soft water systems
  • Phosphate free