Guardian Chemicals - Industrial Chemical Products List

NUTECH AP - Light Vehicle Wash Acidic Presoak

Mineral based salts, soils and clays can be difficult to remove with traditional alkaline cleaners.  NuTech AP is a mild acid cleaner designed to easily remove any combination of mineral salts and soils, leaving a clean residue free surface.

NUTECH AP effectively combines the power of mild acids, chelating agents and surfactants to economically clean all vehicle surfaces, mineral salts and soils.  NUTECH AP is specially formulated to provide high quality foam while delivering unparalleled cleaning capability.


  • High foaming (high show).
  • Safe for use on all vehicles when used as directed.
  • Extremely effective on mineral salts and soils, stubborn road films and windshield “eyebrow” film.
  • Suitable for use in all commercial and industrial car wash systems including touchless and wand wash.
  • Liquid formulation is easy to dilute and control, no pre-mix required.  Economical up front cost and dilutions.
  • Does not contain Hydrofluoric acid.
  • Ideal for two-part cleaning systems (low pH/high pH).
  • Ideal for use in soft water systems.