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NUTECH 150 - High Foaming Powdered Detergent

Need a powder specifically designed for commercial car wash operations utilizing softened water?  Want the economy of a powder with the high show often only found in liquid formulations?  NUTECH 150 is the answer!

NUTECH 150 is a highly concentrated, powdered, alkaline pressure washing detergent with a pleasant citrus odour. Specially designed for soft water systems NUTECH 150 delivers effective cleaning power for all seasons with the high show needed to impress your customers.  Highly effective in both touchless, soft brush, cloth and wand wash applications,  NUTECH 150 will easily remove the toughest deposits including road film and windshield “eyebrow” film.

NUTECH 150 contains a combination of high foaming surfactants that work synergistically with inorganic dispersants, hardness conditioners and corrosion inhibitors to deliver the WOW you’ve been waiting for!


  • High foaming (high show)
  • Safe for use on all vehicles when used as directed
  • Extremely effective on typical soils , stubborn road films and windshield “eyebrow” film
  • Suitable for use in all commercial car wash systems
  • Excellent detergency and economical dilutions make it a stand out for touchless washing
  • Concentrated for economical use
  • For use in soft water systems