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NUTECH 101HS - High Foaming Powdered Cleaner for Softened Water

Put on a SHOW for your customers! NUTECH 101HS is a powdered soap specially formulated for touchless and wand wash operations in commercial car washes. Its combination of high foaming surfactants works synergistically with inorganic dispersants, hardness conditioners and corrosion inhibitors to effectively remove and suspend soil and prevent re-deposition.


NUTECH 101HS is also highly effective at remove stubborn road film deposits. NUTECH 101HS has a reduced phosphate concentration and is intended for use in soft water systems. The reduced phosphate concentration is also beneficial where there may be limits on phosphorous in the wash effluent.



  • High foaming (high show)
  • Safe for use on all vehicles when used as directed
  • Effective on typical soils and road film
  • Concentrated for economical use
  • For use in soft water systems