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Brushless Car Wash Chemicals & Touchless Truck Wash Soap for Commercial Fleet Wash Systems

Guardian Chemicals Inc. manufactures premium-quality car wash chemicals, offering one-of-a-kind products for the efficient cleaning of RVs, commercial trucks and trailers, and personal vehicles. Our lineup of car wash chemicals, including our touchless and brushless commercial truck wash soap, is used extensively throughout Western Canada and various markets around the world.

Our lineup of brushless truck wash soap, commercial truck wash soap and car wash chemicals for commercial fleet wash system includes:

We offer a full range of touchless car wash chemicals and truck washing chemicals, such as brushless truck wash soap and commercial fleet wash soap. Our lineup includes:

  • NUTECH products — including coloured NUTECH TRI-FOAM and NUTECH 101HStouchless truck wash soap and commercial car wash cleaners
  • NUTECH ECOMAX — high-foaming wand wash and touchless car wash soap
  • BULLDOG — powdered car and truck wash soap
  • POWDER POWDER — heavy-duty powdered industrial cleaner
  • SUPERSOAP — heavy-duty powdered degreaser and cleaner
  • And many more!

Our range of chemistries, including high-alkaline, low-pH and non-phosphate car wash chemicals and soaps, is continually developed and improved to ensure our products meet the highest of standards. Additional car and truck wash chemicals available from Guardian Chemicals include touchless car wash wax (such as LEMON SPRAY WAX and NUTECH CHERRY WAX), pre-soaks (like NUTECH AP and NUTECH ECOSOAK), deodorizers (BERRY NICE and FOREST FRESH) and drying agents. We also offer a great lineup of products for recycled water systems, and we provide solutions for oil/solid separation and flocculants.

For the best car wash chemicals in the industry, look no further than Guardian Chemicals Inc.!