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As one of the top chemical suppliers in Canada, Guardian Chemicals Inc. strives to provide clients with cutting edge specialty chemicals, industry-leading expertise and unmatched technical service. As a chemical manufacturer that researches and develops its wide selection of products, Guardian serves many areas ranging from plant maintenance and process to water treatment chemicals to industrial cleaning and specialty chemicals.

Chemical Manufacturing: Water Treatment, Industrial Chemicals & Cleaners, Wood Products Chemicals & Technical Services


Setting the industry standard in industrial cleaning and specialty chemicals, Guardian’s products continue to meet and exceed the expectations of various industries. Our specialty chemicals serve many heavy and light industries which include transit and oilfield services, chemical cleaning and maintenance operations.


Part of what makes Guardian Chemicals a top-rated chemical supplier in Canada to oilsands mining, SAGD production and related equipment, is staying up to date with EH&S standards. Our "green" chemicals will meet every client’s needs and withstand harsh conditions while abiding to industry standards.


Guardian’s water treatment chemicals, equipment and services are proven to be effective in meeting the needs of our clients across Western Canada and select markets worldwide. We offer an extensive line up of water treatment, process and wastewater treatment, reagents and lab services to serve the needs of a large and diverse clientele. Guardian’s water treatment chemicals include solutions from boiler water treatment to cooling tower water treatment and everything in between.


Guardian Chemicals is home to the “Paragon” lineup of fountain solution chemistry products. Using the latest technology, we've built VOC-free fountain solutions that allow for efficient, high-quality printing.


When it comes to oil and gas production, you need expert chemical suppliers to tackle the difficult challenges and optimize for the best results. Through our oilfield production chemicals and products, Guardian Chemicals' oil and gas division has come to be known as reliable specialists and partners in production optimization for our clients in Canada and abroad.


We partner with our clients and chemical contractors for their turnaround and plant maintenance chemical cleaning projects. Our goal at Guardian Chemicals is to optimize equipment efficiencies and production capabilities, while ensuring that cleaning is safe and efficient with minimal environmental impact.


The Wood Products team at Guardian Chemicals is equipped with expert knowledge and skills to best serve a range of clients in forest-related industries, from pulp and paper to OSB, MDF, PB and plywood mills. We are a chemical manufacturing company that develops innovative programs and products including defoamers, biocides and products to create long-term value for wood products businesses.


Guardian’s large lineup of truck and car wash chemicals will make vehicles look brand new. We manufacture a wide variety of drying agents, presoaks, waxes and soaps, along with products for water recycling and site maintenance. We also carry powdered and water-based degreasers, including SUPERSOAP and BULLDOG, for commercial fleet transit, RV and truck washes..