Industries Served

Setting the standard for quality in all of the industries and industrial sectors we serve is our mission. We combine ethical innovation in our custom products with industry leading expertise and technical service to create long term, lasting supplier partnerships with our clients.

Chemical Manufacturing: Water Treatment, Wood Products Chemicals & Guardian Industrial Products


The industrial group at Guardian serves a wide and very diverse clientele. From heavy and light industry, to transit, fleet and oilfield service related, chemical cleaning contractors and end users, to manufacturers and maintenance operations.


Ethical oilsands mining, SAG production and related equipment cleaning requires unique, “green” chemistry and must meet the highest EH&S standards. Guardian has developed industry leading products specifically to meet those demands and client applications.


Serving Western Canada, and select markets worldwide, Guardians extensive lineup of water treatment, process and wastewater treatment, reagents, related equipment, and lab services serves the needs of a large and very diverse clientele.


Guardians “Paragon” lineup uses the newest technology in fountain solution chemistry to create high performance and VOC’s-free fountain solutions. Our products are designed to use water more efficiently for low and high speed web offset printing.


Guardian Chemicals, oil and gas division, is known in the industry as a leader in solving oil and gas production issues. We have come to be known as reliable specialists and partners in production optimization, customized programs, and returns on investment.


We partner with our clients, and chemical contractors for their turnaround and maintenance chemical cleaning projects to ensure safe and efficient cleaning, optimizing equipment efficiencies and production capabilities, while minimizing environmental impact.


Our wood products team offers experience and expertise in solving problems and improving the bottom line for all forest-related industries. We have developed products and programs for pulp and paper, OSB, MDF, PB, and plywood mills.


Touchless washing-presoaks, triple foams, waxes, drying agents. Powdered products, RV and Truck wash. Recycle water systems, oil/solids separation, odor control, and flocullants. Large range of chemistries available including high alkaline, low pH, non- phosphated.