H2S Scavenger | SOURGUARD Series Mercaptan & Hydrogen Sulphide Scavengers for Reducing Mercaptan and Hydrogen Sulphide Levels - Guardian Chemicals

H2S Scavenger: SOURGUARD Series

The SOURGUARD Series are concentrated H2S scavengers designed to selectively scavenge H2S fast, effectively, and irreversibly. They convert poisonous and foul-smelling H2S gas to a non-toxic liquid product. Unlike other H2S scavengers, the SOURGUARD Series are unaffected by CO2 (carbon dioxide) and have been proven to reduce mercaptan levels by over 90%.


SOURGUARD is a winterized product intended for use in all seasons.

SOURGUARD SG is not winterized and will freeze if exposed to cold temperatures.

SOURGUARD DSS is winterized for use in all seasons. At cooler temperatures, it will become more viscous but does remain fluid.



  • Reacts rapidly and irreversibly with H2S
  • Concentrated for maximum scavenging efficiency
  • Water soluble
  • Dispersible in brine and hydrocarbon
  • Reacts with H2S to form a water soluble product (no solids)
  • Formaldehyde free