Acid Cleaners: REACT 104 & 105 Cleaner, Corrosion and Scale Removers with Phosphoric Acid Base, React Cleaning from Guardian Chemicals

REACT 104 & 105 - Acid Cleaner, Corrosion & Scale Removers

Concentrated and designed to clean a wide variety of metal surfaces including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, REACT 104 & 105 are capable of outperforming a wide variety of alternative acid cleaners. They utilize innovative acid corrosion inhibitors designed to protect the base metal during the cleaning process, allowing you to remove corrosion and scale without worrying about damaging the underlying metal surface. Specialized wetting agents enhance deposit penetration, organic deposit and smoke stain removal while also suspending particulate during cleaning.

REACT 104 has a phosphoric acid base.

REACT 105 has a natural organic and phosphoric acid base.

No need for you to blend yourself—REACT 104 & 105 has everything you need in acid cleaners to remove corrosion and scale All-In-One!



  • Fast acting and effective. Product starts to work instantly upon application
  • Concentrated for cost effective dilutions. Unlike other acid cleaners this product can be diluted while maintaining its effectiveness
  • Inhibited to prevent corrosion of most metal surfaces
  • Passivates metal surfaces. Prepares surface for painting and promotes better paint adhesion
  • Non fuming and Non foaming
  • Their acid bases are safer to use than hydrochloric acid alternatives and acceptable for cleaning a wide variety of metal surfaces including stainless steel and aluminum
  • Does not contain chlorides