Purge C | Purchase Purge C to Reduce LEL Levels by Encapsulating Liquid & Vapour Forms of Hydrocarbons from Guardian Chemicals

Purge C: Reduce Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) Levels

Cleaning of vessels, tanks, piping and other equipment that store, transport or process hydrocarbons can be a risky task given the toxic and flammable substances and sludge that need to be removed. In addition, the potential explosive atmosphere due to high LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) levels renders these environments unsafe for entry and their levels must be reduced prior to inspection and return to service.


Purge vapours, residues and sludge from vessels, tanks, piping and other equipment that are used to store, transport or process hydrocarbons. PURGE C is a unique low-foaming product that chemically encapsulates hydrocarbons in both liquid and vapour forms. This dual functionality significantly reduces the explosive potential as it is capable of treating hydrocarbons in both their vapour form while emulsifying the source liquid residues. Hence, sufficient treatment with PURGE C will suppress vapours to levels below the lower explosive limit (LEL).


PURGE C is also capable of dispersing sludge rendering it more fluid for efficient cleaning and removal. In addition, PURGE C will scavenge low levels of H2S. For large concentrations of H2S, it is recommended that our SOURGUARD series of products also be added to the system to ensure adequate scavenging ability.



  • Highly effective at low feed rates (1-2% application recommended).
  • Fast and effective reduction of vapours that contribute to LEL levels, thus reducing LEL readings.
  • Dual functionality prevents cycling of LEL levels by reducing hydrocarbon vapours and eliminating their liquid hydrocarbon source through emulsification.
  • Readily mixed and applied with hot or cold water.
  • Capable of scavenging low levels of H2S.
  • Effective at removing hazardous benzene vapours and liquid residues.
  • Easy to apply and circulate.