Specialty Solvent Degreaser

ADDISOL LF - Specialty Solvent Degreaser


ADDISOL LF is a low foaming, concentrated blend of dispersants and surfactants in an aromatic solvent system. ADDISOL LF has been specifically formulated using an innovative surfactant blend for enhanced deposit penetration and surface wetting. These properties allow it to quickly and effectively remove crude oil, heavy oil, and bitumen from a wide variety of surfaces. ADDISOL LF is also effective on asphaltenes and paraffin deposits.


Not only is ADDISOL LF effective, but its high flashpoint provides an added degree of safety over low flashpoint alternatives. The properties of ADDISOL LF make it ideally suited to cleaning a large variety of oilfield and oil sands processes and equipment including vessels, storage tanks, tank bottoms and floating lids, hydrocarbon fouled heat exchangers, sludge tanks, and piping systems.



  • Highly concentrated 100% active formula allows for effective cleaning and degreasing capabilities and cost effective dilutions for circulation applications.
  • High flashpoint (63°C TCC)
  • Aromatic solvent with innovative surfactant system for enhanced wetting, deposit penetration and removal. Does not contain chlorinated solvents.
  • Effective dispersant. Will prevent re-deposition of asphaltenes and other materials within the system during the cleaning process.
  • Product will not freeze allowing for year round use.
  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates. (NPEs)
  • Can be combined with other Guardian Chemicals products for a complete treatment system including chemicals for H2S, LEL and iron sulphide removal.