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EZE TREAT - Boiler Water Corrosion and Scale Control

Oilfield Steam Boilers (Rig Boilers) are often fed with raw untreated water from the nearest water source be it a drainage pond, slough, lake or other untreated supply. This water often contains a high concentration of scale forming minerals which can impair the operation of the boiler reducing its efficiency and shortening its lifespan. Rig Boilers are critical to ensure reliable and efficient supply of heat for the crew, drilling and safety equipment. As such, it is important that they be properly maintained. This begins with adequate feed water chemical treatment to control scale and corrosion, and keep the boiler operating reliably and efficiently.


EZE TREAT is a liquid treatment for control of scale and corrosion in rig boilers. EZE TREAT prevents the formation of scale on the internal surfaces of the boiler by reacting with the scale forming minerals in the feed water to produce a non-adherent sludge. This sludge is easily removed by following a regular blow down schedule.


Improve your Boiler efficiency and extend its life by treating with EZE TREAT!



  • Effectively treats water from all local raw water sources
  • Provides effective control of scale and corrosion prevention
  • Works in high hardness feed waters
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to test using Guardian Chemicals Rig Boiler Test Kit
  • Available in a convenient and freeze-protected liquid form