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ROADTEK - Dust Control & Road Stabilization Products

Annual road maintenance costs for municipalities, cities, and private industries have risen dramatically over time.  In many areas, road maintenance and reconstruction are the number one budget expenditure.


Unfortunately, complaints and demands from increased traffic and road users have risen along with the costs.  Many roads were never designed for their current traffic loads as well as the increasing machinery and heavy vehicular traffic resulting in road deterioration.  The expense of repairing and rebuilding these road surfaces with new aggregates, new and recycled asphalt products, as well as use of previously oiled and cold-mixed roads and existing aggregates presents a budget dilemma for many of our clients.


Advantages:  Roadtek soil stabilizer can be used with existing road materials and aggregates to resolve problem areas and increase their strength and moisture resistance.  Suitable materials include: Reclaimed and recycled oiled and aged surfaces, recycled asphalt products (RAP) such as asphalt millings, existing aggregates and native soils, ditch pull material and standard road construction aggregates.


Roadtek application at standard (3.5 to 4.5 inch) as well as deep (8 to 10 inch) stabilization depths can significantly improve the wet compressive road strength of these surfaces from a low of 0 for an untreated aggregate up to 4000 PSI when treated with Roadtek.


Roadtek is an environmentally safe and proven successful Canadian product.


  • Road stabilization = less annual costs, reduced dust
  • Less maintenance = less grading
  • Stabilized gravel and RAP surfaces = no potholes, ruts, or wash boarding
  • Reuse and recycle of existing materials = less cost, better for the environment.

Surfaces can be top coated and chip sealed after Roadtek treatment to provide a fully waterproof, long term pavement like wear surface that out performs any conventional gravel/oil or cold-mix treatments.

Since 2012, Guardian Chemicals Inc. has been successfully applying Roadtek products to municipal and private company roads, in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We would be happy to provide client references and invite you to visit any of the roads we have completed.