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GREENSOL Heavy-Duty Degreaser with Natural & Biodegradable Solvents

Products based on natural and sustainable bio-renewable materials help meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. GREENSOL utilizes a combination of natural and renewable plant based solvents and biodegradable hydrocarbon derivatives, resulting in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly heavy duty degreaser that is truly a standout performer!


In addition, GREENSOL is formulated with specialized wetting and deposit penetrating surfactants and road film removing additives. GREENSOL features a high flash point (61°C TCC), low toxicity and low odour for safe application and use. In addition to the unprecedented levels of environmental and user safety, GREENSOL actually works! It quickly and effectively removes the most difficult and heaviest deposits including oil sands, bitumen, heavy oil, asphalt, grease, road film and more. GREENSOL, a refreshingly green product that performs, designed specifically with the environment, health and safety of the end user in mind. GREEN on paper and GREEN in practice - GREENSOL is more than just a name.



  • GREENSOL is non-flammable and features a high flash point (61°C TCC, 75°C Open Cup) for safe application and use.
  • Contains natural, renewable and readily biodegradable solvents for enhanced performance, sustainability and user safety while reducing its environmental impact.
  • Low toxicity and low odour for enhanced user safety and workplace air quality. Contains no ozone depleting substances.
  • The first degreaser with significant natural renewable solvent content that will not freeze. Made for life and conditions in Western Canada.
  • Effectively removes the most stubborn soils including asphalt, heavy oil, bitumen, grease, road film and more.
  • Boosted wetting agents and optimized product viscosity allow GREENSOL to cling to vertical surfaces and stay active, wet and working for long periods of time.
  • One step cleaner proven to reduce costs, chemical consumption, cleaning times and equipment downtime.
  • Not regulated by TDG for transport.