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ENVY Hydrofluoric-Acid Free Aluminum Cleaner

Has your fleet lost it’s shine? Are you tired of using extremely hazardous products containing highly toxic hydrofluoric acid to restore the lustre of chrome and aluminum? Make your fleet the ENVY of all without the EHS issues typically associated with aluminum brighteners!


ENVY is a revolutionary hydrofluoric acid free formulation with unrivaled environment, health and safety benefits when compared to traditional hydrofluoric and sulphuric acid blends.  In the past, it was difficult for alternative aluminum brighteners to compete with hydrofluoric acid based blends due to the poor performance that they exhibited. These alternatives were often labour intensive, requiring several product applications as well as manual washing to achieve the desired result. Not anymore, ENVY will effectively remove oxidation and mineral scale while brightening aluminum often in one application without manual scrubbing. ENVY makes aluminum surfaces bright and shiny rather than dull and white as is often the case with hydrofluoric acid based blends.


Let your fleet be the ENVY of the road! Save time and money while protecting your workers from the potential harms associated with the use of hydrofluoric acid! ENVY - Performance without compromise.



  • Does not contain Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Safely outperforms hydrofluoric acid and restores the lustre of chrome and aluminum.
  • Effectively removes oxidation, mineral scale, corrosion byproducts and brightens aluminum.
  • Fast and effective. Depending on the severity of oxidation and deposition, ENVY can often clean and brighten in just a single application without the need for manual scrubbing.
  • Formulated with foaming agents to cling to vertical surfaces, reducing cleaning time and chemical usage.
  • Versatile. Effective on a variety of surfaces including aluminum and concrete.