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BOOST - Detergency Booster

Originally designed as part of our component hot tank stripping process, BOOST is also suitable for boosting the detergency in a wide variety of products. The addition of BOOST to your current cleaning process can give you the extra boost needed to remove the toughest deposits!


BOOST is a low foaming surfactant based product containing a proprietary blend of surfactants designed for enhanced wetting, deposit penetration and removal. This surfactant blend can act as a complement to any water based cleaning product or process.


BOOST is commonly added to powdered hot tank products and caustic based cleaners. Where caustic is being used for cleaning, BOOST can be added to enhance the cleaning power and reduce the circulation or cleaning time. It gives you the versatility needed to tackle the toughest deposits.



  • Highly concentrated liquid formulation.
  • Fast and effective detergency booster to enhance the cleaning capability of any product.
  • Easily rinsed, does not leave a residue.
  • Formulated with biodegradable surfactants for environmental acceptability. Does not contain harmful APEs or NPEs.