Guardian Chemicals - Custom Industrial Chemical Supplies Manufacturer

About Guardian Chemicals Inc.

Guardian Chemicals has been formulating, manufacturing and marketing specialty chemicals for over 50 years. Our success in this industry is owed to the loyalty of our clients and customers, and the dedication, innovation, and ability of our people.

Company Profile

Guardian Chemicals is a privately owned Canadian company that researches, develops, and manufactures specialty chemicals in Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada. We provide direct chemical and related equipment sales, custom formulations, and specialized service technologists to a large variety of primary and secondary industries throughout Canada, the USA, and worldwide in select markets.

Guardian currently has 4 main divisions, industrial, water treatment, forestry and wood products, as well as oil and gas production. We also serve the printing industry, both in Canada and the USA, along with providing technologies and product sales and service worldwide through both Guardian and Traxol chemicals.


Who We Serve

Guardian's products and services are used by an extensive range of clients including:

  • Conventional Oilfield production, all related service industries, and specialty plant processes
  • Turnaround chemical cleaning, and industrial maintenance for all types of industry
  • Industrial manufacturers, maintenance, repair, and rental in all major sectors
  • Oilsands, and related production facilities and equipment
  • Boiler, cooling and water treatment for industry, commercial, agriculture and government
  • Industrial washbays, heavy mobile equipment, fleet transportation, transit, rail
  • Forestry and wood products manufacturing and processing
  • Mining, equipment and processing facilities
  • Commercial car and truck wash
  • Printing industry

Guardian Chemicals is recognized as one of the leading specialized chemical supplied developer and manufacturer of over 400 products for multiple applications. We create, develop, custom formulate, and manufacture client specific chemical solutions for industry specialized formulas and supplies. Guardian Chemicals is proud to be certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards along with C.O.R. certification, and Green Seal.